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We specialize in the 24 hour transport service for foreign guests, in comfortable cars and mini-vans from Schiphol airport to any place in the Netherlands or abroad, since 1994.

For a short stay in the Netherlands it is easier for your guests to be assisted by a specialized company.
They will have the comfort to be picked up from the airport, business address or hotel by English speaking, well dressed chauffeurs and will be transported to their destination. Also for individual excursions to tourist attractions we have the required experience.

For the airport pick-up service, we’d like to know, Date, Arrival-time and Flight-number. We will wait at arrivals, with her/his name or company name on a board.

Reservations can be made by fax: 0031 75 6422123, one day before arrival.

Are you interested in our services?
Please call us for an appointment or an offer without engagement and ask for Marcel Schalkwijk.

All major credit cards accepted.

Private people

The transit will be manley by mini-vans for 4,6 or 8 people. If you do not wish to share, a luxury car is possible too.
Limousine-services are also possible.

Under Reserve you’ll find our booking form. Here you can fill in all the necessary data we need. If you do not use this form, you can also sent your reservation by email or mail.
Payment: you can pay by invoice or cash.

- To Schiphol
We take care that we pick you up at the agreed time so you will be at Schiphol in time.

- From Schiphol
The Following information is new since 05-01-2015. Please read this carefully.

The chauffeur picks you up at the Departure hall. Please follow his/her instructions closely.
If your chauffeur has to pick you up at he Entrance hall or Meeting-point, because you have no mobile-phone
for instance or you can't find the Departure hall, then there will be a surcharge of € 15,00.
When the chauffeur collects a traffic fine because of this, it will be charged to your account.
Naturally we hope this will not happen. We count on your cooperation.

We are approximately within 45 min. after you landed at Schiphol. We can follow the real landing time on the Schiphol website.
To inform you of the current pick-up place the chauffeur will phone you within 45 minutes after your landing.
If we have to wait longer then 1 hour and 15 min. after your landing, because of the above defined, luggage handling or other circomstances, there will be a surcharge of: 1-4 passengers: € 11,50 p/15 min,
5-8 passengers: € 15,00 p/15 min. You may be able to reclaim this from the airline, with the received receipt.

If the Coentunnel is closed, there is a surcharge of € 12,50 , due to an extra distance of 12 km.
If the Schipholtunnel is closed, the surcharge is € 7,50, due to an extra distance of 7 km.
This surcharge has to be payed to the chauffeur.

- Return reservation
By cash payment, you have to pay the chauffeur on the trip out, the chauffeur gives you a reciept, please save this well, so you can give this reciept to the chauffeur on the way back.

For your return data we’d like:

  • Flightnumber
  • Date of arrival at Schiphol
  • Expected time of arrival at Schiphol
  • The airport your leaving from
  • A mobile telephone number

Please write down the detail and give this to the chauffeur on the trip out. You don’t have to do this when you have made your reservation by mail or email.

Reservation only from Schiphol; please email or post your return data tous (like above ) and sent the amount due to our bank account: NL86INGB0006933487 before you leave. If you are not at Schiphol on the agreed date and time there will be no refund.

! Attention: By cancellation within 48 hours before departure, we will charge  € 25,00 administration costs. If our chauffeur comes to your house for nothing, we will charge  € 28,15 call-out costs. These extra costs can be payed by invoice or cash to the chauffeur or by a next appointment within 1 week.

Have a good journey and thank you for your confidence in BKS.